Designing A Custom Industrial Control Panel

Designing and creating a specialized control panel to operate an entire system or a component is always a challenge. There are many different factors to consider, and it can sometimes be a challenge for in-house design and engineering teams to understand all the possible options and create the ideal control panel for the job.

To address this issue, companies looking for turn-key systems for industrial control panels often outsource this part of the process to specialized companies. These companies can create the ideal panel for the given water and air remediation equipment and systems, or for any type of industrial application and treatment requirements.

What to Consider

Designing industrial control panels has to be strategic. It must be practical in nature and include the type of protection and system design for the specific environment where it will be used.

It also has to be a good match for the programmable logic controls or the control systems used within the equipment or the facility. For example, a control panel used in an indoor, climate-controlled facility does not need the additional insulation and protection as a control panel used in wastewater processing facility or one that is located outside.

Some of these may require specialized features such as operator interfaces that are accessed either on the exterior of the panel or within the panel. The number and options in indicator lights, controls, and variables on the panel all need to be carefully considered during the design process.

It is also essential to work with a company providing industrial control panels that can work to industry specifications and standards. Companies with extensive experience in customizing panels and working to UL-compliant design and construction requirements are always the best option for custom panel design and manufacturing outsourcing.

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