Details About Sprinkler Winterization In Boulder, CO

In Colorado, property owners order lawn care services to improve the way their property looks. Along with regular lawn care, the owner must manage connecting installations. A local lawn care service provides Sprinkler Winterization Boulder CO to protect the irrigation system during cold winter months.

Preventing Pipes from Bursting

The winterization process is the best option for preventing pipes from bursting. The water is drained from the pipes and all connecting fixtures. The valves and sprinkler heads are blown out completely. The sprinkler’s control panel is set to a winter setting, and the contractors inspect the sprinklers for any damage.

How Long Does It Take?

The entire process takes about an hour to complete. However, larger sprinkler systems could take a little longer. If any damage is discovered, the contractor may recommend repairs before the temperature drops. The estimate for the services includes details about the service.

When Should Homeowners Schedule the Services?

According to lawn specialists, homeowners should schedule the winterization process in September. At the first sign of serious temperature changes, the homeowner needs to schedule the services. Fast action will prevent damaged pipes and sprinkler components. Their preferred lawn care specialist can provide them with a schedule for all the services the owner needs.

Is the Service Available With Lawn Care Contracts?

Select lawn care contracts provide specific services for property owners. Sprinkler winterization could be added to the contract based on the duration of the contract. A service contract could provide the property owner with certain discounts on the services.

Can the Sprinkler System Affect the Water Pipes?

The sprinklers and/or irrigation system is connected to the primary water pipes. If the installation isn’t winterized, the pipes will freeze. The primary plumbing system could also freeze, and serious damage is possible.

In Colorado, property owners schedule winterization services in the early fall before the temperature drops. The process prevents water pipes from freezing and bursting. It is the best option for stopping any serious damage that could affect the primary plumbing system. The process takes about an hour to complete based on the size of the irrigation system. Property owners who need to schedule Sprinkler Winterization in Boulder CO contact Wards Lawn Service or Visit the website now.

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