Different Types Of Residential Led Lighting

There is a wide range of residential LED lighting available and the choice widens every day. The choices for LED lighting in Orange County Ca range from stand alone light fixtures using led technology to replacement bulbs for existing light fixtures. The applications are as varied as the selection of LED products, ranging from simple small indoor task lights to indoor recessed lighting to outdoor spotlights. Due to the energy efficiency and long life of LED lamps, residential lighting using LED lights is becoming increasingly popular.

LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode,” and although LED lights have been around for a long time. They were traditionally produced to give a small amount of light. Early uses of LED lights included small domestic appliances such as VCRs and clocks. As time went by, residential LED lighting began to increase with the introduction of task lighting such as that used in closets and under cupboards.

Today, LED lighting in Orange County Ca useage is more sophisticated than ever before. They are often installed in groups when used in large installations making the installation options for LEDs almost the same as older incandescent and florescent lighting. Today most retail lighting distributors carry a wide variety of floor lamps, desk lamps and recessed lighting for use indoor and outdoor fixtures such as porch lights, flood lights and security lighting. Existing fixtures do not always have to be replaced as LED bulbs are available that replace incandescent bulbs.

The most commonly touted benefit of using LED lights in Orange County Ca is energy efficiency. Typically, LED lights use 75 percent less electricity than their incandescent counterparts and put out far less heat; heat is nothing but wasted energy. Many LED lamps can easily run on solar or even battery power. It is this feature that allows LEDs to be used in an ever increasing array of home task lighting.

Not only are LED lamps extremely energy efficient they also last a very long time when compared to fluorescent and incandescent lighting. Although the exact conditions under which the lamp is operating varies, it can and does last five or six times as long as a comparable fluorescent light and up to 40 times longer than an incandescent lamp.

Although LED lighting fixtures and bulbs are more expensive to purchase, the savings in electricity and not having to replace burnt out bulbs nearly as often makes up for the higher initial cost of LED lights in Orange County Ca.

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