Different Ways To Approach A Small Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodelers in Charleston, SC are tasked with working on bathrooms of all sizes and shapes and they know that with careful design and planning, a small bathroom can end up looking bigger and certainly will be more practical and functional and easier to maneuver in. To begin the quest to remodel your small bathroom has a hard look at what needs to be changed and set a budget. It does not have to be expensive, remember, even a paint job will freshen up the room up but to do it right, with new fixtures, flooring, lighting and cabinets can be costly but the impact is much bigger.

When you are faced with remodeling a small bathroom the primary objective is to make the room appear larger than what it really is, create an illusion of space even though it is nothing but an illusion. Light colored walls, staying with white or cream colors, and light floors are one of the best ways to open the room up. Although light walls and floors are desirable, don’t think that you must avoid dark colors at all cost, just the opposite. Dark colors for the accent pieces such as towels and other accessories are ideal.

Bathroom remodelers in Charleston, SC often spend a great deal of time deciding on the lighting. When light fixtures are imbedded in the ceiling or fitted to the wall above the sink, the room will appear larger and the positioning takes up no useable space. Once the lighting has been chosen, enhance the effect by installing a large mirror in comparison to the actual size of the bathroom, it reflects light, both natural and artificial. To increase the effect even further, many designers will install multiple mirrors rather than a single large one.

Years ago when the fixtures were first installed the choice was probably limited. Today there are fixtures which take up far less space, consider replacing the old, large fixtures with smaller modern ones that are available. Think about removing the old tub and replacing it with a stand-up shower stall using frameless glass panels, a very modern and striking effect and it saves considerable space. The old vanity also takes up space; today there are pedestal sinks that are ideal for the small room.

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