Dimensions – Critical Element When Buying Stem Bumpers

Stem bumpers resemble rivets. They are used for fastening body parts in automobiles. They also help in reducing noise and vibrations in panels that are joined together. Their shape is made up of a round or flat head and a stem. There are various sizes available depending on the use intended. You can also make arrangements with a manufacturer to provide you with custom made stem bumpers. These bumpers are easily available online, and thus you are only required to indicate the measurements. You can also go through the inventory available from a number of leading manufacturers. Others are categorized by part number.

  • Drawers and cabinet doors can be a source of irritation especially when there is a continuous opening and closing of the same. These bumpers provide a cushion in a way that they dampen the noise, and also protect your furniture from quick wear and tear as well as damage.
  • Small boxes can scratch table tops and other surfaces. They may also slip and fall. This can damage the box, spill contents or even cause injuries on your feet. To protect you from all this trouble, you can fit bumpers on the lower side. The bumpers come in styles such as machine screw, snap-in, recess and many others.
  • When buying stem bumpers online, the process is quite simple. Identify an online vendor and view the product catalogue. Hasten the process by sorting the inventory according to category. Once you come across the bumpers you are looking for, you will have to add them to a cart. This is like placing items on a supermarket trolley. Payment is through debit/credit card. There is also a shipping cost that you will incur on top of the quoted price.
  • You must be certain about the dimensions. Otherwise, inconveniences will arise where you have to return the items and get a replacement. This could waste your time and delay a project for a few weeks. There is also a cost factor in the works. The dimensions cover things like:
    • Style of the bumpers
    • Overall thickness
    • Length of the stem
    • Head height
    • The stem’s diameter
    • Diameter of the head
  • If you are ordering from a manufacturer’s website, you only need to specify one dimension only while the rest of the measurements come automatically. Nonetheless, in case you require customized stem bumpers, you can place a request with your preferred manufacturer. Remember to indicate the dimensions required.

The use of these bumpers is not only restricted to drawers and boxes. Their application surpasses this. They are also used in automobile and aircraft industries. Steel fabrication plants also utilize rubber bumpers. You can order for them in small or bulk quantities as per your requirements.

As you can see, buying stem bumpers only takes a matter of minutes. With a computer, laptop or internet enabled phone, you are good to go.

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