Discover Amazing Results After a Fat Transfer by a Local Surgeon

People’s faces certainly get exposed to harmful UV rays, smog and other environmental conditions that can seriously damage the delicate facial skin causing it to lose its youthful glow. During the usual aging process, fat stores are lost in the facial region. This loss of moisture trapping skin volume leaves the skin thin with less elasticity. Discover the amazing and beautiful results after undergoing a simple fat transfer by a Chicago based plastic surgeon.

Can Fat Transfer Grafts Help Hide Wrinkles & Sun Damaged Skin?

Yes, fat transfer grafts can reduce and hide any facial skin wrinkles that people commonly develop over time. In addition, some of the adverse harmful effects from too much sun exposure can also be helped by this innovative cosmetic procedure. The surgeon simply removes excess fat tissue from a body area where it is not noticeable, draws the fat content into a syringe then injects the person’s own fat content back into problematic facial skin areas for gorgeous and stunning results.

Will the Results Be Seen Right Away?

Following a fat transfer that a Chicago cosmetic surgeon offers, patients will see a noticeable improvement of their treated skin to some degree. Over the next few months, some of the transferred fat may be lost through natural body processes. Any remaining fat store is likely to be permanent.

Where to Find Impressive Anti-Aging Cosmetic Procedures

For further details about fat transfers in the Chicago region, contact Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery.

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