Discussing the Law with Child Support Lawyers in Mankato, MN

In Minnesota, child support payments are required for all couples who have children and are getting divorced. The payments are based on the monthly income of each parent and the needs of each child. Child support lawyers in Mankato, MN help parents calculate child support payments and review laws that apply to the payments.

Evaluating the Income of Both Parties

The court reviews the income of both parties and determines the most effective way for both parties to support the child. Even if one party doesn’t have an income, it won’t stop the court from assigning child support payments. The payments are required to provide support for all children produced during the marriage.

The Standard for Child Support Payments

The standard rate for child support payments in Minnesota is 25% for the first child and a 5% increase for each additional child. The payments are calculated according to the noncustodial parent’s current income and the needs of the child or children.

Addressing Additional Requirements

Any additional health or schooling requirements are addressed through child support or in the divorce agreement. For example, a child with special educational needs might attend a school that meets specific needs. The tuition for the school is divided between the parents. The court also evaluates any specific medical requirements for each child. The medical requirements could increase the total child support payment each month.

What to Expect If Payments Aren’t Submitted

If the noncustodial parent doesn’t pay their child support payments, the court issues a warrant for their arrest. Deadbeat parent laws allow the court to take action against parents who don’t pay their child support. The noncustodial parent could face significant jail time until the balance is recovered.

In Minnesota, child support payments are submitted on the first of every month. The noncustodial parent provides the payments to do their part in supporting their children even if they don’t live with them full-time. Any special requirements, such as tuition or serious medical requirements are often included in child support payments. Parents who need more information about these payments can contact child support lawyers in Mankato, MN at Blatz Law Office LTD right now.

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