Divorce Lawyers for Men in Bee Cave, TX Know How to Protect Their Clients

Divorce lawyers for men in Bee Cave, TX know that their clients can have a tough time in family court. While the courts aren’t supposed to be biased when applying the law, there are some studies that point to gender bias in family court. Any man worried about having problems with a bias in family court should get legal help.

Stay-at-Home Dads

While it isn’t uncommon to see a stay-at-home mom, there aren’t too many stay-at-home dads. Some stay-at-home dads are mocked and told they are lazy or taking advantage of their wives. A stay-at-home dad might feel that they will face bias in family court because they aren’t taking the “traditional male role” in the family. A firm like Margaglione Law, PLLC can help represent any man in a divorce.

Spousal Support for a Short Marriage

Divorce lawyers for men in Bee Cave, TX can fight a spousal support claim for a marriage that didn’t last long. If a man was only married to a woman for a short time, he might argue that it wasn’t long enough for her to become dependent on his income.

The Marital Home

The house the married couple lives in could become a major point of contention during a divorce. Who should leave the home? If someone leaves, should they be forced to keep paying bills for the residence? Most lawyers agree that a married man should never voluntarily leave home. Leaving could later be used against the man in family court. A man could end up paying for two residences if he isn’t careful. It’s best to get a lawyer involved early to avoid issues.

While some claim it isn’t true, others have seen men become victims of bias during divorce proceedings, and there is some research to back claims of gender bias in family court. A man has to have a lawyer by his side if he wants to have a fair chance in family court. A consultation with a lawyer can answer any questions a man might have about divorce.

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