DIY Grout Restoration in 5 Easy Steps

Tiles are great. They’re long lasting and overall pretty low-maintenance. The one thing that isn’t great with tiles, though, is grout. While tiles last, grout simply doesn’t. It tends to collect dirt and grime, which detracts from your tiles, no matter how exceptional they look. So if you’re tired of seeing the grime, here’s what you can to do pull off a grout restoration, DIY style, with some help from DoItYourself:

1. Remove grout. The first thing you’ll discover is that grout isn’t really designed to be taken apart or removed once it’s been applied. So getting it out won’t be easy.

2. Have your tools ready. A Dremel is essential in removing grout. Run it over the seams and you should be able to get the grout out. Be warned though, this is a messy solution. Expect a lot of dust and mess to happen. Be careful, if you don’t have a steady hand and the tool slips too close to the tiles it could damage the tiles irreparably. You could also go the tried and true way: Using a chisel or screwdriver to chip away at the grout. This one eats up a lot of time, but you’ve got more control and are thus less likely to damage any of the surrounding tiles while you work.
Make sure to put on safety goggles for this!

3. Mix the new grout. Whip up a batch of your new grout. Make sure you don’t make more than you can use in 15 minutes. Otherwise, it’ll start to set. Need more? Just keep mixing enough of what you can use within the 15-minute timeframe.

4. Apply. You can use a rubber-backed grout float to get this done. Hold the grout float at a 30-45º angle. Press the grout into the cracks. For hard-to-reach spots, press the grout down with your hands instead of the floater.

5. Sponge and seal. With a soaked grout sponge and water, wipe the surface clean. Keep doing this until you get rid of the excess grout. Then, wipe everything again with a damp cloth and run the edge of a toothbrush over the grout lines to give them a polished look. Leave it overnight for the grout to set. Wipe any haze away with a sponge the next day, leave it for 4-5 days and then apply your grout sealer.

That’s it. You’re done. If things don’t go your way and you find out you have zero talent with tools and grout restoration, no worries. Simply hire a company offering grout restoration services in Columbia. Asking for professional help ensures quality results and will certainly get the job done faster.

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