Do You Need Commercial Automotive Insurance in Chicago?

If you own a business in Illinois and are wondering whether or not you require commercial automotive insurance in Chicago, we have some answers available. To get those answers, though, you’ll have to answer a few questions regarding the vehicles you use and whether or not they are actually considered commercial.

  • What do you use the vehicle(s) for in your business? Do you make deliveries, pickup passengers, haul heavy items or anything else that relates entirely to your work or business?

If so, you need commercial automotive insurance in Chicago to protect you from any sort of financial liabilities or lawsuits. After all, the vehicle that causes an accident may be the cause of serious physical injuries, property damages and more. Without the appropriate amount of commercial insurance, you may face lawsuits for sums that will put you out of business.

  • Do you use what you consider a personal vehicle for business purposes?

If you answered yes to that question, you need to immediately seek out commercial automotive insurance in Chicago. This is because a personal vehicle being used for commercial purposes, and which is involved in an accident negates your personal auto insurance coverage and may leave you without any protection or without enough protection to cover the costs of damages.

  • Who is driving the vehicle? Who owns it?

A sole proprietor still needs commercial coverage, and if you consider that vehicle (which is registered to you or the business) a business vehicle and it is in an accident (whether you or someone else is driving), your coverage may leave you liable for any issues.

  • What is moved around or transported in the vehicle?

Whether it is goods or passengers, you need commercial automotive insurance in Chicago. And more importantly, you need to work with your insurance expert to ensure that the amount of coverage is more than enough should an accident occur. If you frequently transport materials that could be dangerous or hazardous, the need for even greater insurance coverage applies.

  • Where are you going?

Finally, do you drive that vehicle outside of Illinois? Crossing state lines may mean you are subject to other laws, such as federal laws around your business and the materials you are transporting.

As you can see, commercial insurance is just as confusing as regular or personal auto insurance. If you want help making the right choices for your specific commercial needs, get in touch with Illinois Automobile Insurance Agency online or by phone for an accurate and free quote. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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