Do You Need Professional Foundation Repair in Baltimore?

Did you know that cracked concrete foundations in homes can be a significant cause of water getting into the basement and the walls? The problem is that many new homes have concrete foundations, and as these foundations settle over time, cracks can appear. Concrete itself is easy and convenient, but it also has no flexibility, so any stress on the material and movement will cause damage to the substrate.

What to Look for

The problem with cracked foundations is that anyone with a basement may experience water seeping into those cracks. This is when you’ll need to seek out professional foundation repair in Baltimore.

So, what signs of water in the basement should you be looking for? Consider the following indicators that you should get in touch with a company such as Armored Basement Waterproofing for a professional assessment:

  • Cracks in the walls
  • Any drips of water coming from the cracks and running down basement walls
  • White stains, water damage, and hardened mineral deposits from dried water

If you see any of these things, you likely need some foundation repair. The greater issue is that water getting into your basement will cause damage over time. It will continue to crack the concrete foundations and will weaken walls. It will also cause damage to any belongings in the basement and will become an ideal environment for the growth of many types of molds.

Getting It Fixed

If you have a rising water problem and cracked foundations that are causing leaks in your basement, you need to have professional foundation repair work done. The best solutions not only seal any cracks, but also redirect any water leaks away from the basement and into installed drainage systems so that that water doesn’t cause further issues.

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