Do You Need Your Home Painted? Painters In Tacoma WA Can Help

There is nothing quite like a new, fresh coat of paint to increase the curb appeal of your home. Not only does new paint make your home look better it also protects your home from the weather. A good paint job should last 5-10 years but if your exterior paint is peeling it’s time to have it repainted. Peeling paint will allow rain to seep in and eventually rot the wood, which would result in more expense. Do not let that happen. An Exterior Painter Tacoma WA can correct the peeling paint and give your home the added appeal that you are looking for.

When choosing Painters in Tacoma WA, meet them at your property and get at least three estimates. Estimates should contain a breakdown of labor, materials and preparation among other things. These estimates should be in the general ballpark of each other, if not find out why. Ask how long they have been in business. Choose a painter that has the proper licensing and insurance coverage. Some states don’t require licensing so this can vary. Ask the contractor if he does the painting himself or does he contract it out? Ask if there is a written guarantee of the completed work. A guarantee should include how to fix any problems that may come up such as chipping, flaking or fading paint. Choose quality paint when having your home painted. Quality paint will stand up to everyday weather better than lower-quality paint.

Before you sign the contract with Painters Tacoma WA, make sure that you agree on exactly what is being painted. Of course, the vinyl or wood is being painted but is the trim being painted as well? You will also want all of the details that were listed in the estimate in the contract. Ask the contractor how long the project will take from beginning to end. Also, don’t forget to ask about the clean-up details.

The best way to get information about exterior painters is word of mouth by family or friends. You could also ask the contractor for references and make sure you call them. The contractor may have a portfolio available so you can look at previous jobs. Angie’s List is a popular website where you can get information about Painters Tacoma WA as well. Visit to get superior interior and exterior painting and remodeling services in Tacoma, WA.

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