Doing Your Part With Help from Metal recycling NJ

by | Jul 16, 2013 | Home Improvement

There are so many reasons to recycle scrap metal and it is easy for anyone to do it. Perhaps you have never recycled before because you feel it is too complicated a task. MJ Scrap metal takes the confusion out of the process and makes it easy and convenient for anyone to do.

The majority of Metal recycling NJ companies accepts and recycles copper, brass, aluminum, steel and even scrap boilers along with many other types of metal. In order to assist customers in disposing of scrap metal, Many Metal recycling NJ companies provide dumpster rental.

Dumpsters range in size. Whether you require a dumpster that is 4 yards or 40 yards, MJ Scrap metal can meet your needs. MJ Scrap metal will deliver the dumpster to your site and return to pick it up after you have filled it. It doesn’t get any easier than that! If you have a demolition site, Metal recycling NJ companies can provide onsite processing as a highly convenient service.

In addition to providing general towing and municipal towing services, Metal recycling NJ companies will recycle your old vehicle. A simple phone call and you can arrange to have your scrap vehicle hauled away. Eliminating the need for you to have to endure the burden of storing or removing it yourself.

Metal recycling NJ is a premiere facility with the capacity to handle all types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. With an outstanding level of efficiency, equipment sorts, separates and bales aluminum, steel, copper, brass and many other scrap metals. Visit American Recycling for more information.

Before discounting the importance and ease of metal recycling it is important to consider the facts. Recycling metal reduces mining waste, air pollution and water pollution significantly. It is estimated that there is a 70% reduction when recycled metal scraps are used in a steel mill. Energy saved when recycled materials are used is increasingly impressive. Metal recycling NJ, as an informed and conscientious scrap metal recycling business, can provide you with further information and statistics.

The staggering truth is that 70% of all metal is used only once and then thrown away. MJ Scrap metal makes it easy for anyone to recycle. Taking advantage of the services offered by Metal recycling NJ will result in less waste and pollution. Responsible metal recycling is available and easy with the assistance of Metal recycling NJ.


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