Don’t count on Medicaid to provide home health care

As the population ages, the demand for home health care in Chandler AZ increases; most people would much prefer to be cared for at home if they are disabled or aged. A nursing home or a health care facility is something that most people would prefer to avoid if possible. Unfortunately, many people are of the opinion that Medicare and/or Medicaid will provide the home health care that they need, unfortunately, this is not the case.

For many years, the care of the elderly family members fell on the shoulders of the younger generation. This would have been described as the typical extended family where there are three phases of life. In the extended family; the old look after the young, instilling in them family values, while the middle generation work and provide for the entire family. This rarely happens anymore and many people turn to providing their elderly family members with home health care in Chandler AZ. The preferred scenario is that the aged are looked after in their own homes, even though nursing homes are available.

Don’t count on help from the government:

When home health care in Chandler AZ is properly administered, it is considerably less expensive than either an institution such as a nursing home, or long term hospital care. This is one of those areas of care that is grossly mismanaged, leaving the public to pay. The loss is evident when the aged individual loses his or her home health care benefits which could be provided by Medicare or Medicaid. Many people go through life believing that these agencies will provide home health care when the time comes that it is necessary. This is not the case, Medicare and Medicaid have limited funds available for home health care, and when funds do become available, usually the care is limited to either part time care or very limited full time care.


Knowing full well that Medicare and Medicaid are limited as to what they can provide, for those who wish home health care in Chandler AZ are well advised to prepare for it by purchasing long term care insurance while they are still working. When you are still working, this is the time to provide for your long term health care, which of course includes home health care, as well as medical assistance and companionship. The benefits that one can provide for himself through personal insurance protection are considerably more than Medicare and Medicaid can provide at the best of times.

If home health care in Chandler AZ is important to you, you need to factor it into your life while you are still young and in a position to pay the premiums that are necessary to provide you with what you want.

Home health care in Chandler AZ can be arranged during discussions with Synergy HomeCare of the East Valley. The company provides custom care to all their clients and they welcome the opportunity of discussing the needs of you and your family.

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