Don’t Get Eaten Out of House and Home – Call a Termite Exterminator Today

Termites are diminutive insects that wreck chaos on wood structures yearly. Some signs that termites are present include evidence of discarded wings. Termites shed their wings during development, and the wings can be found around the perimeter of buildings and inside as well. Upon the first suspicion of a termite infestation, a prudent course of action is to contact a pest control company such as Alamo Pest Control Environment Services, LLC. Reliable treatment methods used by a Termite Exterminator include:

Fumigation – Widely considered the most effective control method for termites used today. A tight-fitting tarp is used to encase the structure so that toxic gas such as sulfuryl fluoride, can be released into the structure. After a predetermined time, the gas is turned off, and the building aerated. An advantage of the gas is that it seeps into the smallest of holes, cracks and crevices. The building can be reoccupied once it is free of residual gas.

Extreme Heat – A good alternative to the pesticide or chemical methods. Extreme heat treatment is best used for small portions of a building such as basements, crawlspaces or attics. Heat sensitive items must be removed, and the targeted areas are partitioned off with vinyl or polyethylene sheets. Once a lethal temperature of around 130 degrees Fahrenheit is achieved, the area can be cooled down quickly allowing speedy reoccupation.

Baiting – Baiting systems are the most commonly used method of termite control by homeowners. It can be an effective method for the control of termites. The baiting uses the insects natural feeding habits to spread the poison throughout the termite colony. The bait is placed around the perimeter of the building. Non-treated wood is placed in the bait locations and is periodically checked for activity. Once signs of termites are observed the non-treated wood is replaced with pesticide-treated wood. The termites feed on the treated bringing it back to the nest, where the colony feeds on it and eventually die from the poison.

Again, the importance of early detection is pivotal in limiting the amount of damage. Unfortunately, often by the time signs are observed, the damage has gone beyond that which can be addressed by the homeowner. This is when Termite Exterminator steps in and takes control. A reputable pest control company professional will not only eliminate the termites they will also treat the building with preventative measures to help prevent re-infestations.

For more information about the pests control services contact Alamo Pest Control Environment Services, LLC.

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