Don’t Let Menopause Manage You

For many women, dealing with the change of life is a major struggle that affects every aspect of day to day living. Menopause is different for every woman and symptoms can range in number and severity from literally one hour to the next, which means trying to predict and manage the effects of this change is a sizable challenge. Many doctors recommend hormone replacement therapy as a way to decrease the discomfort from physical symptoms, but these medications often come with a host of side effects of their own. In addition to this, some women do not like the idea of trying to handle menopause symptoms with drugs, and prefer to avoid using pharmaceuticals. This is why natural Menopause Formulas have become an increasingly popular choice for women who want to treat menopausal symptoms naturally.

The most common symptoms of menopause include low energy and sex drive, hot flashes, and thinning hair, all of which can undermine a woman’s confidence. Natural menopausal support formulas use all natural herbs and minerals to treat these symptoms, ease discomfort, and allow women to feel more like their old selves. These formulas typically rely on a variety of natural solutions like primrose oil, DHEA, and progesterone to lessen the intensity of hot flashes, which are typically considered the worst part of menopause. Managing hot flashes and night sweats are the primary requests of menopausal women, which is why most supplements tend to focus on addressing these symptoms. Many also include calcium to help support the bones. While both men and women experience bone loss with age, menopause speeds up the thinning process. Natural remedies often utilize calcium and magnesium together for the greatest impact on bone health. It’s also common for women going through menopause to suffer mild depression, partly due to symptoms and partly as a symptom itself. Supplements with St. John’s wort can help alleviate the blues and stabilize your mood while treating other issues at the same time.

Just like death and taxes, menopause is one of life’s sure things for women, but silently suffering in misery doesn’t have to be. Look for quality supplements that treat multiple symptoms, and get back to living your life.

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