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Asset division is a familiar staple in most divorce cases, and involves constructing a detailed blueprint of all assets held by both partners. This helps determine what’s owed to both spouses, depending on their case and the state laws that govern it. To try to thwart the process, some divorced or soon-to-be divorced spouses attempt to stow away assets rather than see them divided. In many marriages, one partner often assumes the responsibility of managing financial records and documents while the other maintains a very small role, which can make finding any hidden assets difficult later down the road. However, if you’re currently involved in divorce proceedings, and suspect your spouse is attempting to hide assets from you, there are steps you can take to uncover them.
Available Courses of Action
With the help of an experienced divorce attorney, you can pursue your investigation through the “discovery process”, a procedure that allows spouses to seek out hidden financial information and property that’s legally theirs. The discovery process provides a number of options and demands you may utilize to learn more about whether or not your partner is concealing assets. Through discovery, your attorney can request important financial documents from your spouse on your behalf. Your lawyer may also ask your under-oath partner specific questions regarding hidden money or property. Interrogatories, requests for admission, and inspections are also commonly utilized under the discovery process. Your spouse will be required to answer written inquiries and/or confirm your suspicions, as well as adhere to inspections of areas such as their personal safe.

Getting Answers
If, during your marriage, your partner handled most of the assets, it’s likely you feel unsure about what sort of documentation you should request and what to look for. A divorce attorney you can trust will have a strong grasp on the different types of assets commonly divided during divorce cases, and where you should begin your search. Your lawyer will assist you with gathering tax returns, property deeds, records of checking and savings accounts, investment information, stocks, and more. An experienced attorney will have the skill and attentiveness necessary to analyze you and your spouse’s financial documents carefully and make note of any unusual transactions that may denote hidden assets.

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