Dr. Lewis & Associates Can Find the Right Contact Lens for Their Patient

Contact lenses are the perfect solution for people who want to see clearly, but hate wearing glasses. There are many options to choose from and the Contact Lens at Dr. Lewis & Associates staff can help their patients find the best solution for them. Some people don’t have the discipline to take out their contact lenses every night and clean them properly. This can lead to eye irritation and even infections. Disposable contact lenses are the best answer for these kinds of people. They just take out their contact lenses in the evening and throw them out. In the morning they can insert a new set.

Aging Baby Boomers hate the possibility of turning in their contact lenses for bifocals. There’s no need for them to fear this. Their eye doctor can fit them with bifocal contact lenses. The dominant eye is used for seeing long distances, the other eye can read a book. While it might seem that this would be a difficult adjustment, it isn’t. The brain can easily combine the two images.

Contact lenses have also become a fashion statement. People can now change their eye color to match their new hair color or outfit. These lenses are very natural looking, but can be used to create a more dramatic look. People who have hazel eyes and have always longed for deep brown eyes can now have them. These are perfect for events when lots of pictures will be taken and people want to look their best.

People with allergies often believe that they can’t wear contact lenses. While this was once true, it no longer is. They may be able to use disposable contact lenses that are worn for only one day. This prevents the build up of dust, pollen or other irritants that can accumulate on lenses that are worn for longer periods.

Contact Lens Dr. Lewis & Associates staff usually want to see patients who wear contact lenses at least once a year. At that time they can check the health of the patient’s eyes, evaluate their prescription, and determine if another type of contact lens would better suit the person. More information

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