Drink in Eco Friendly Style with a Recycled Bottle Glass

Have you ever looked at your favorite beer bottle and wished you had a glass in your home to remind you of it? Or perhaps you just enjoy drinking out of glasses more than bottles. Some beer companies create specialized merchandise such as glasses with their logos printed on them. A new and cool way to combine the style of a beer bottle with the convenience of a glass is the Recycled Bottle Glass.

What is a Recycled Bottle Glass?

A Recycled Bottle Glass is what it sounds like. It is a glass made from the material of a recycled beer bottle. The bottom part of the bottle (the part under the neck which is wider and holds the substantive majority of the volume of the drink) becomes the main body of the glass. Therefore, the glass retains whatever design characterizes the bottle of the specific brand of beer for which it is made.

What’s So Great About Them?

A Recycled Bottle Glass makes a great gift to someone who has a favorite brand of beer. Because of the way it is made, each glass keeps the unique logo and style of the particular brand of beer bottle which it is made from. Different examples of recycled bottle glasses include Recycled Amsterdam Beer Tumbler Glasses made from Amsterdam Natural Blond Lager and Recycled Boylan Crème Tumbler Glasses made from Boylan Crème Pop Soda bottles. Some more fun examples are Recycled Rolling Rock Light beer bottles, which are made from green glass that is emblazoned with the trademark blue horse silhouette logo, Recycled Sol Cactus Tumbler glasses, made from Mexican SOL beer bottles, where Sol means sun, a definition which is illustrated by the sun hiding behind clouds, and Recycled Doggy Mist Tumbler Glasses, with frosted doggy patterns on the sides.

Recycled bottle glasses are eco friendly to boot. They are made from recycled materials, which means that new materials did not have to be used in the manufacture of new glasses when perfectly good used albeit old materials could be. Think about how many beer bottles are consumed every day all over the world in bars, and in homes. Instead of throwing away these bottles, they can be reused in glasses that will last for a long time.

Prices for these glasses usually run from thirty five to forty dollars, and you can usually buy them in sets of four.

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