DUI Charges Can Have Severe Consequences

If you have been charged with drunken driving, it is important that you consult with a DUI lawyer who serves the Carrollton, GA area as soon as possible. Knowing and understanding your rights can be crucial to successfully defending yourself against such charges and your DUI lawyer can inform you as to your legal options and potential outcome of whatever course of action you might choose. Plus, your DUI lawyer will aggressively pursue the most favorable outcome possible in your case while endeavoring to uphold your rights and protect your interests.

If there was ever any doubt about how serious drunk driving and the consequences of a DUI charge can be, consider the recent of a 22-year-old Carrolton man who was recently sentenced to 30 years in prison because of a blood-alcohol level that was well over the legal limit when he was involved in a head-on crash that killed two twenty year olds. The man’s DUI lawyer was able to negotiate a plea deal in which the man will serve only 15 years in prison.

According to a lawyer with the DA’s office that prosecuted the case, witnesses said that the man had been drinking at a baseball game for much of the night and then continued to drink at two bars after that. Obviously, when someone drives while intoxicated, serious penalties are warranted, but as your DUI lawyer will know, in many cases, an individual can be arrested for DUI without really having been impaired at all. If that has happened with your arrest, your DUI drugs lawyer Carrollton, GA will thoroughly evaluate your case to get to the bottom of why you were arrested and the best way to build a viable and credible defense.

In many instances, even though the arresting officer may have believed you to have been DUI, the prosecuting lawyer will discover that there may not be enough hard and fast evidence to reasonably pursue a conviction. If that is the situation in your case, your DUI lawyer will negotiate with the prosecuting attorney to get the charges against you dismissed. Or, if that is not possible, your lawyer will work to get the charges reduced. Whatever decisions are made, you can trust that your DUI lawyer will pursue every available avenue to obtain the best outcome for your case.

Do not delay in contacting a DUI lawyer Carrollton, GA if you have been arrested anywhere in the county on drunk driving charges. Your DUI lawyer will provide you with the experienced and sound legal counsel and assertive representation that you will need to try to keep your driver’s license and to avoid the severe penalties that could follow a conviction.

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