DUI: What you should know to protect your rights

Drinking then driving is a dangerous thing to do. Likewise, it is also a heavy and grave offense. Being caught driving while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics is a very humiliating and intimidating experience for everyone. DUI or driving under the influence is a crime that can lead to serious charges against offenders. There can be arresting officers that do not act desirably towards the situation. Offenders are often faced with charges that are almost impossible to overcome. Offenders caught repeatedly are charged even more serious offenses. In Orange County, government and state officials are trying desperately to reduce the fatalities caused by road accidents. For this reason, they are also spending a huge effort in taking intoxicated and addicted drivers off the road. If you are caught in California driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, then you should get yourself a well-trained and experienced DUI Attorney in Orange County.

Choosing the best DUI attorney is crucial in order to win over such charges. The chances of losing a case are very real if you do not choose the best attorneys around. The probable penalties for a DUI offense are imprisonment or payment of damages and compensation. Penalties for repeating offenders are generally more serious than first-time offenders. Having a DUI Attorney in Orange Countythat is well versed in the field of law and human rights is very important if you are charged with a DUI offense. There are many things that are on the line if you are caught with such offense. Your honor, your career, and even your family can be greatly affected if you lose to a DUI charge. If you are charged with DUI crime; you not only spend time in jail, you also get you license suspended.

When you are caught driving under the influence of illegal drugs and alcohol, the best and perhaps the wisest thing to do is to remain silent. The same procedures apply when a police officer is performing an arrest. He speaks to you and pulls over your car. The most appropriate action for this is to follow orders. Pull over your car, and calmly submit to the officer’s authority. Don’t do anything stupid and please don’t think that you can outrun the cops on the highway. Putting the pedal to the metal will only cause you more trouble. So in order to save you from being put to jail and paying huge amounts of money due to damages and compensation, you better keep quiet and get a reliable DUI Attorney in Orange County.

Most police cruisers are equipped with video cameras to record the action as it unfolds. This system gives police officers a form of visual evidence which can be used later in a lawsuit against you. This surely gives the police an edge over you in case you assault them or do any threatening acts. For your own safety, you better do what the police officer tells you. It may be hard to win over a DUI case against the top-class lawyers and prosecutors, but a properly trained and experienced DUI Attorney in Orange Countywill surely increase your chances of winning your case.

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