Effective and Responsible Bee Removal in Austin, TX

People are often surprised when they find that a honey bee colony has made its home in the walls of a home, garage, or outbuilding. It is not easy to remove a bee colony on one’s own. Most people will not be tempted to try it, but for those who might, there are reasons that they need to see that bee removal Austin TX, is best left to professionals. Being stung is the least of one’s issues.

A bee control professional can complete the job in much less time than a person who doesn’t even know where to start. In fact, this could be as little as a couple of hours. The materials and protective gear are already available, so there is no need to find out what is needed, and then try to acquire it. Did we mention that you’re likely to be stung? A lot?

Not disturbing the bees is the best route to take. While waiting for a bee removal service, make sure that others are warned about the situation, and that children and pets are kept away from the area. Don’t make the mistake of spraying the hive, or hitting it in an attempt to destroy it. Most of the bees will be hidden, and won’t be happy that their home is being attacked. A regular bee colony can house tens of thousands of bees.

If you stay current with the news, you may have heard that honey bees are dying off in alarming numbers. Bees are an absolutely vital part of the food chain, as they facilitate pollination for many crops. Killing bees is highly discouraged when it is possible to save the colony, and possibly reestablish it somewhere where it may be helpful to the plant life cycle.

Extermination is a cruel and inconsiderate way to deal with the problem. A good bee remover will use a live trapping method-;such as a bee vac-;to capture the bees in a tank for transfer to an apiary. Also, dead bees left in walls are a food source for other pests. Bee structures can also damage the home if they are left to decay.

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