Electric Gates for Rosemead, CA, Homes and Businesses

Electric gates are most often used for increasing security around your home or business. Electric gates allow you to control who is authorized to enter or exit the premises. An electric gate works with a sensor to allow for automatic entry into the gate when the sensor is near.

Installation of a gate can be tricky and requires advanced knowledge. It is important to choose a professional and competent electric gate company for Rosemead, CA, home security and safety.

Electric gates are available in several types for many uses and needs.

  • Cantilever gates are affixed to support posts at one side and hover. They don’t touch the ground with wheels. Cantilever gates are great for flat, level spaces with enough room for the gate in its entirety.
  • Swing gates open inwards or outwards and are a great choice when space does not permit a cantilever gate. If your gate is placed between two buildings or other structures, you may prefer to use a swing gate
  • Vertical lift gates are perfect for smaller spaces without a lot of width to spare, but tend to take more stress on the components of the gate, causing them to wear out faster or need repairing more often

Your choice of electric gate depends heavily on your home or business area and what space you have available. If you don’t know what type of gate you need, a professional electric gate company in Rosemead, CA, may be able to help you decide. Visit Mission Fence and Patio Builders at our website at www.missionfence.com for more information. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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