Eliminate Old Grease and Oils With Grease Trap Pumping in Fort Myers FL

Most homes are on some type of municipal sewage system which makes this aspect of home ownership very easy. However, if your home is in a rural area then you probably use a septic system to contain your sewage. Septic tanks are an almost perfect solution to a nasty problem with one minor exception. They have to be cleaned about every three to five years. All things considered, this isn’t too bad when you compare it to the cost of monthly billing for sewage service. Unfortunately, this cost doesn’t cover any expense for grease trap pumping in Fort Myers FL. Thankfully, most modern homes don’t use the grease trap collection system.

However, a number of businesses still use this type of system to collect a variety of oils. For instance, many restaurants use a grease collection system to hold used cooking oil. In some cases the oil is collected for recycling as bio-diesel, but it is usually just considered as a waste product that the restaurant must eliminate. This oil typically comes from the deep fryers or other cooking systems and must be changed often so it doesn’t spoil or burn.

The size of these grease traps will depend on the amount of cooking that the restaurant does. In some instances they can be as large as fifty gallons. They are usually emptied once a week which helps prevent any odors from spoiling grease. In most cases the grease trap pumping in Fort Myers FL simply vacuums out the old oils and leaves any possible cleaning to the business owner. Regulations for cleaning this trap will vary by county and state regulations so it is a good idea to check for any ordinances that might affect your company.

Whether you need your septic system emptied or the grease trap pumped out you want to take a little time to locate the right contractor for the job. A fly by night company may simply come out and remove just enough material so it appears they did the work correctly. Unfortunately, this will leave you with a tank that needs emptying much sooner than expected. To avoid this type of problem you should contact an expert like Snyder Septic & Grease Trap Service for all of your vacuum pumping needs.

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