Embark on the Pheasant Hunt of Your Dreams at an Exclusive Hunting Lodge

As you start to plan for upcoming hunting trips with your buddies or children, make sure to take a look at these group pheasant hunting lodges located in the heart of South Dakota. You’ll have over 20,000 acres of remote land situated in the Golden Triangle, so your guide can guarantee your group will never hunt the same plot of land twice.

No Rising with the Sun

Whether you’ll be embarking on your first-ever pheasant hunt or an avid hunter looking for a more relaxed experience, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are no early mornings wakeup calls at these group pheasant hunting lodges. Although most believe it’s best to get out into the field as the sun comes up, you’ll enjoy a hot, freshly made breakfast and coffee well before you head out into the field. Because these tours are guided, you can rely on your hunting guide’s expertise to show you the best places to spot pheasant without having to scour the area before dawn.

Processing On-Site

Another advantage of hunting at these exclusive group pheasant hunting lodges is that you won’t have to worry about processing your own bird after it’s caught. Whether you’re a squeamish hunter or simply live too far away to travel with an unprocessed bird, you can rely on the team at these lodges to expertly process and package all meat that you catch so that it’s ready to take home and enjoy.’

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