Endless pools and lap pools

Not everyone has the space in or around their home for a decent size inground or above ground swimming pool so many people who enjoy the pleasures of swimming will often settle for Michael Phelps swim spas, the next best thing.

There are actually two different types of spa style pools; one is called a lap pool and the other is called a spa. Both of these pools are designed for exercising however Michael Phelps swim spas can be enjoyed as a whirlpool and can comfortably fit more than just the swimmer. These pools are available from most pool installation companies and they can be found in some of the most innovative places in a home. Many custom built homes have either the lap pool or spa integrated into the design of the home, thus becoming not just a place to work out, but a water accent as well.

Lap pools are long and narrow, a swimmer can go back and forth as if he or she was in a full size pool; the difference is the width. The basic design of a lap pool is a simple rectangle but there are some that have rather exotic shapes. There is no deep end or shallow end, the water depth is constant. This can be a problem if small children should fall in but many are complete with guards, not unlike an outdoor pool. Lap pools take minimal maintenance and can be easily heated for use year round in the appropriate climates.

A spa type pool is often called an endless pool. The Michael Phelps swim spas provide a steady current in the pool to give resistance to the swimmer, the swimmer simply swims into the current, getting the benefit of exercise but going nowhere.

Lap pools and swim spas can be located just about anywhere in the house. For those with an exercise room, the pool can be integrated; there are many that are installed in the living area of the home, using the water as a decorative feature. Either one can fit in a small yard and in many cases they have been set up in a greenhouse so the “weather” stays warm regardless of what’s going on outside.

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