EnerBurn is great for the environment and helps to control cost of operation

EnerBurn is a diesel fuel additive that is fast becoming the gold standard for solving DPF; Diesel Particulate Filter, clogging. There is a considerable amount of time lost to cleaning the filter; this is especially true for diesel engines produced prior to the introduction of strict specifications in 2006.

How does EnerBurn help?

EnerBurn in Minnesota is the simple solution for problems associated with a DPF filter. EnerBurn, which is added directly to diesel fuel in measured amounts, allows the fuel to burn better, by burning more complete there is approximately 60 percent less soot produced. With soot reduction like this it is easy to see how the filter will perform better and last longer which results in more uptime, more production and more income.

EnerBurn lowers the burn temperature of soot from well over 1000 degrees to a little over 700 degrees F. The DPF filter will regenerate as it was intended to; the filter will self-clean as you drive. EnerBurn saves you money.

The facts speak for themselves:

EnerBurn is not the only product on the market claiming to increase engine efficiency and performance, while at the same time reduce emissions. EnerBurn is different, it is not a typical additive; it is actually a catalyst that results in lower burn temperatures and increased engine performance. EnerBurn in Minnesota:

  • Reduces engine wear by as much as 50 percent
  • Increases fuel mileage by up to 15 percent while at the same time increasing horsepower, and
  • Reduces nitrogen oxide emissions

EnerBurn can stand behind the claims as they have all been validated by tests carried out by independent third parties. Furthermore, EnerBurn in Minnesota has been in use for over 15 years proving to owners and operators that their engines run longer, better and save money as well.

EnerBurn in Minnesota has been in full time use for more than 15 years and vehicles using it have racked up over 14 billion miles. For more information on how you can save money and increase diesel engine performance you are invited to contact JKG Fuel Solutions.

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