Enjoy Pizza Again with Wholesome Broccoli Crust Made Without Gluten

Nowadays there seems to be an allergy for nearly everything, but one of the most annoying allergies has to be to gluten. Gluten is in most of the foods that we all know and love, like bread, pasta, and of course, pizza. If you’ve been avoiding pizza because of an allergy to gluten, then you have to try this frozen pizza that has a gluten free pizza crust made from broccoli and other wholesome ingredients.

So Good Even the Kids will Eat it

One of the most significant advantages to purchasing this gluten free pizza is that your kids will more than likely not be able to tell the difference between authentic Italian pizza and other frozen pizza brands out there. When you can feed something nutritious to your children disguised as something they already know and love, everybody at the dinner table wins.

Several Varieties to Select

Whether you have a picky eater who only wants cheese pizza or your crew tends to switch it up whenever you order pizza, you’re sure to find plenty of varieties to curb your family’s pizza cravings. From classic cheese and uncured pepperoni with gluten free pizza crust to Margherita pizza and supreme with all the fixings, you can find the favorite pie for any pizza lover in your family. If you’re feeling inspired, you can even buy a few jars of their homemade sauce to create a dish your family will love.

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