Enjoy the Soothing Sounds of a Hearthwick Candle

The Hearthwick candle line is unique. These candles do not only look great, but they provide hours of burn time which continuously release their fragrance as the wick crackles and pops as it burns.

The Hearthwick candle has a wider wick than other candles which allows the flame to dance along the wooden wick creating soothing sounds of a burning hearth.


All Hearthwick candles are made from a unique blend of soy wax which produces a cleaner burn than paraffin wax candles. The Hearthwick candles are virtually free of smoke when burning under normal conditions.

Soy wax is made from natural vegetables and is 100% biodegradable. In addition, soy wax has a lower melting point and does not release soot into the air.

Hearthwick candles are non-toxic, and no animal byproducts are used during the manufacturing process of the candles. Infused in the soy wax blend are fragrant essential and synthetic oils creating unique fragrance combinations.


The Hearthwick candle burns for a long time. The recommended amount of time to burn a Hearthwick candle is from three to four hours at a time. The Hearthwick candle has a total burn time of approximately 50 hours. If you burn the candle for less than three hours at a time, the wax will not have time to melt in the areas near the glass. This will create a well, and the candle will not burn properly. Proper burning of the candle will allow you to get the maximum enjoyment of your candle with many hours of burn time.

When burning, always keep the candle away from drafts, curtains, and remove anything that hangs over the candle. It is best to keep the wick trimmed to a maximum of ¼ inches in height.

Anyone who enjoys a fire in a fireplace will enjoy a burning Hearthwick candle.

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