Enjoying The Many Varieties Of Cupcakes And Mini Cupcakes In NJ

Cupcakes are an intriguing little dessert item. They come in several sizes including mini cupcakes in NJ, the common normal size cupcakes and large versions which are useful for grand events or just to tell that special someone how much you love them. We see these miniature sweet treats practically everywhere. They are popular displays in grocery store bakeries and are sometimes used to steer children towards the bakery, hoping the parents will follow. Plus, mini cupcakes in NJ are sometimes offered as free samples to the bakery’s full sized products.

Most bakeries love to suggest them as an alternative for a child’s party or any festive occasion which may require a unique pastry. In the lowest terms, cupcakes are exactly what their name suggest, small cup sized cakes, but to think of them in this ordinary fashion does them a huge disservice. While these simple little cakes start out that way, they can easily be changed or adapted to suit so many styles such as rich black or red velvet cakes, animals, dinosaurs or other child oriented themes or even ordinary ingredients baked to exquisite detail.

For the really creative, cupcakes can be cut and shaped or two or more placed together to create unique miniature cakes of almost infinite variety. And yet, with all that sweet goodness around, cupcakes have a bit of a bad reputation. After all, they are a cake and thus full of sugary calories which many people feel they must do without. There can be options to this problem, like reduced fat varieties of cupcakes or consuming mini cupcakes in NJ in lieu of the larger versions. The one most commonly suggested replacement to cupcakes, the muffin, is not recommended. It’s a common debate as to what is the difference between cupcakes and muffins or even if there is a difference, but cupcake lovers already know the truth.

Muffins can never replace a cupcake, especially when going calorie for calorie, many muffins often have higher calorie counts than the average cupcake. Besides, muffins are bread, which is great with supper, but cupcakes are dessert which means they are great all by themselves. Visit Gigis Cupcakes website for more information on cupcakes.

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