Ensure a Secure Work Environment with Access Control in Chicagoland

by | Jul 17, 2013 | Security

Business owners used to have locks to prevent people from breaking in and stealing cash or goods. Unfortunately now business owners have to consider the possibility that their own employees might also be stealing from them. Therefore they have to use Access Control Chicagoland systems to protect areas with cash, trade secrets or products that could be sold for cash. While all employees can get in the front door with keys or smart identification badges, they will have limited access after they enter the building.

The company owner can have keypads installed on doors that guard inventory, cash, or confidential company information. Each door can have it’s own code. It’s easy to give the codes only to the employees that need to be in those areas. When an employee leaves, it is a simple task to reprogram a new code. Usually an office manager can do that, a locksmith doesn’t even need to be called.

While some business owners make the decision to leave the company’s front door unlocked during business hours. Others decide that they want to restrict access. They install an Access Control Chicagoland lock that employees will need a key to unlock. They may also put a magnetic strip on their identification badges to grant employees access. In order to monitor employee access in secure areas, they have to swipe the strip every time they pass through certain doors. That creates a computer record that can be used to investigate, if items are stolen or secure information is leaked to the press or competitors.

Businesses have also been the victims of violent attacks by former disgruntled employees, who have entered the building and shot anyone they could find. Domestic disputes can also enter the workplace when a husband comes after a wife in the parking lot as she enters or leaves work. Click here to learn how access control systems can be combined with closed circuit televisions for added safety. A person can monitor the front door from a safe office. If they see a disgruntled worker or violent spouse at the door, they can call a security guard or the police. They are never near a potentially violent situation.

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