Ensuring that your fire sprinkler system is in good repair

With a fire sprinkler system being the first line of defense in the event of a fire outbreak, getting the proper system designed for your residence is essential. Qualified engineers will firstly determine the hazard level in your building before creating a design. Depending on the hazard level, there are many different types of sprinkler systems that can be installed. Among these are foam and deluge systems, as well as pre-action and wet and dry system sprinklers. The hazard level of your building could be determined by the construction materials, the business operations being performed, the number of floors of a building or the types of materials and equipment stored in the building. Engineers are also able to conduct inspections on existing services and are able to recommend residential fire sprinkler repairs in NJ.

Determining your risk

Any time any remodeling or refitting is done, the fire protection systems also need to be upgraded. Equally important of consideration would be if a person owned or managed an apartment complex. In fact, if anyone is in charge of a building that has residents, it is their responsibility to maintain their tenants’ safety at all times. Most home and business owners install a sprinkler system but don’t realize that it isn’t working until the system is tested, and it’s too late. And fire sprinkler systems differ depending on whether the structure is residential, commercial or industrial.

The level of assessed risk will determine the amount of water that would be needed to extinguish a fire, and hence this will influence the design. Nowadays, sprinkler systems are computerized so that the correct calculations can be made. The pressure of water is affected by changes in elevation, such as in a high-rise building, and these factors are also taken into account.

Keeping your sprinkler system workable

In order to ensure that your fire protection system will perform as required, regular sprinkler inspections are necessary. It is recommended to choose a fire protection service that has technicians licensed by New Jersey to perform fire sprinkler inspections and to attend to residential fire system repair. These inspections should ensure that the shut-off valves are in good order, that the meter size and underground piping match the plans drawn up, that sprinkler heads are not obstructed or damaged, that there are no partially closed valves, and that flow tests work properly. Regular fire inspections are mandatory and, according to the National Fire Protection Association, should occur at least four times a year. New Jersey requires an annual inspection, but some states recommend monthly inspection.

Newark Fire Sprinklers have professional engineers who are qualified for residential fire sprinkler repair in NJ. Contact Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp for more information.

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