Essential Items That a College Student Needs for an Apartment in Austin

Every college student will need supplies in order to complete daily routines throughout the school year. This guide highlights the essential items for students in UT Austin off-campus apartments.

Bedding Products

A good night’s sleep is the best way to stay sharp and focused before a big test. To sleep well, you’ll need great bedding supplies, such as a soft comforter and cozy sheets.

When you’re shopping for sheets, buy multiple sets because you’ll sleep better on clean bedding every night. If you want the softest bedding, buy sheets that have a high thread count.

Cleaning Items

While an apartment is dirty, the heavy grime and strong scents can be quite distracting. In order to maintain a clean apartment, you must constantly restock essential cleaning supplies.

To keep your clothing clean, buy large bottles of detergent when a store has a sale. If you want to start wash cycles faster without implementing lengthy preparation procedures, buy detergent pods instead.


The lighting fixtures in an apartment are great for daily routines. However, when you have to study without disturbing someone else in a dark room, you’ll need a lighting fixture that shines directly on a desk, such as an adjustment lamp.

Water Filter Pitcher

Typically, the water from a local water supply won’t taste very great. The only way to make tap water taste better is by filtering it. A water filter pitcher is a great solution because it can filter and chill tap water in a refrigerator.

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