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Everyone should have a will and for many people, it is a topic that they may prefer not to think about. The truth is that even people in their twenties and thirties would benefit from thinking ahead and making plans for several aspects of estate planning.

For Estate Planning Green Bay WI, there is an experienced lawyer who can help you put together all of the different pieces of an estate plan that will fit your life.

Formulating a last will and testament is probably the one estate aspect that most people are familiar with, but there are other vital documents that should be drawn up by every adult so that they can have peace of mind about what may happen in the future.

A living will, sometimes called a health care directive, is another aspect of estate plans and it is important for several reasons. First, the living will is the document that will clearly state your wishes about what you want to have happen to you in the event that you are unable to speak for yourself due to medical incapacitation.

In this document, you assign the power to make your important health care decisions to a friend or loved one. If you are rendered unable to make these choices yourself, the document can ensure that your care is in the hands of the person you have chosen.

This same document will be more than just an end of life plan, it is also something that can be given to hospitals before surgical procedures or other medical treatments that carry risks.

Estate Planning attorney in Green Bay WI who clearly understand the nuances of this area of law can advise you as to the other documents that should be part of your estate plan.
Assigning a durable power of attorney to a spouse or trusted family member or friend is something that can ensure that your legal and financial decisions will be made by someone who has your best interests at heart.
Along with these vital documents, other estate-related legal papers can be of value to you. Your attorney can show you the full range of choices that will be the most appropriate for your circumstances.
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