Examples Of Joint Rejuvenation Therapies At A Pain Management Center

Joint Rejuvenation therapies can help people reduce or even eliminate pain and regain function. Some pain management centers have divisions focusing specifically on spine and joint rejuvenation in addition to other services provided. Medical doctors at these facilities are dedicated to helping patients rebuild their quality of life by getting pain down to a manageable level. They strongly believe nobody should have to deal with chronic pain that stops them from living fully.

Doctors at a clinic such as Aspire Pain Medical Center sometimes see new patients who had all but given up hope for relief. This is relatively common, since so many techniques for reducing pain don’t work all that well. Over-the-counter pain medication may not be entirely effective, and many individuals do not want to start taking prescription drugs for pain. They worry about the sedative properties and potentially worse side effects. Some persons experience substantial relief through alternative therapies such as chiropractic care and massage, but that may not be effective for problems such as knee arthritis and certain spinal disorders. Visit the website Aspirepainmedicalcenter.com for more information about this particular clinic.

The beauty of a center that includes integrative therapy is that patients still feel entirely comfortable seeking alternative care while also receiving more conventional medical treatment. For Joint Rejuvenation, a patient might decide on corticosteroid injections after consultation with his or her physician. Cortisone shots have remarkable results for decreasing inflammation and swelling, and they work quickly. Hyaluronic acid injections also are helpful for many people. The shots add more of the lubricating fluid that naturally occurs within the joints but is depleted in joints affected by osteoarthritis. These would be considered conventional medical therapies.

The patient might also benefit from physical therapy sessions, massage and even acupuncture. Although one particular clinic may not offer all these services, the doctors can coordinate services with other practitioners and make referrals. Patients who do not want to take prescription medication may be interested in trying supplements that research indicates are helpful for relieving knee arthritis pain. Glucosamine is an example of a supplement that relieves a certain amount of arthritis pain in some individuals. You can also connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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