Excess Baggage Services Offer Many Benefits

Whether you are moving to a foreign country or traveling for business or pleasure, you want to have the items with you that you’ll need. Most airlines have strict rules about what is allowed and how many bags you’re allowed. In most cases, you cannot have more than a few ounces of liquid in your luggage because of the potential threat of bombs. This doesn’t mean that each bottle can be three ounces. Instead, it means that overall, you can have three ounces of liquid, which can include lotion, shampoo/conditioner, perfume, mouthwash and others. In most cases, that isn’t enough for a trip of more than a day or so, and buying it while at the hotel can be expensive and challenging.

However, there is another option called excess baggage services. They can ship almost anything you’ll need for a small fee and can have it waiting when you arrive at your destination.


They know what they’re doing because they’ve been doing it for a long time. They have the tools and supplies necessary to ensure that you get your items shipped quickly and efficiently. You can tell them when you want the items delivered and can rest assured they will be waiting at the hotel or other location that you choose.

No Stress

The company you select should make things stress-free for you. They should come to pick up your items, package them if necessary, and ship them to their destination so that you can sit back and figure out everything else you have to do for the trip to be successful.

Special Packaging

Some items may require special packaging, such as crates or heavy-duty boxes. A company that offers excess baggage services should have different packing materials to help. You can let them pack everything and get it ready to ship. Just because you’re sending extra luggage, doesn’t mean it has to go inside a suitcase.


In most cases, you’ll be using an international courier, meaning they can cater to all of your needs and not just some of them. They can transport many kinds of goods, such as household items, furniture and dangerous goods, in some cases.

Peace of Mind

You don’t want to be worried during the flight that your items won’t be there, but with a reputable company, you’ll have peace of mind. If something does go wrong, they should offer restitution, such as money-back guarantees.

Excess baggage services allow you to have all the products and items you need to make your vacation or move easier and stress-free. Visit Fastway Worldwide Express, India today to learn more.

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