Factors in the Development of the Diamond Watch You Are Admiring

Are you thinking of buying diamond watches in Indiana? What inspired you to purchase diamonds? Here we will explore the development of the diamond trade from its infancy.


The first known human use of diamonds dates to ancient India, one of the Cradles of Civilization. They date to the 4th century, BC.

In ancient and medieval times, diamonds were prized for their beauty and cutting power. Magical properties were sometimes attributed to them, including the power to heal, toward evil, and to offer protection in battle.

Colonial Era

For many years, it was believed that India was the only source of diamonds. They were assumed to be an utter rarity, and thus became a symbol of opulence and status.

Then, in the late 19th century, the world’s largest diamond supply was discovered in South Africa, at the time part of the British Empire. British colonialist Cecil Rhodes founded the De Beers company in an effort to corner the diamond market.

However, much of the diamond’s reputation for rarity was shattered. As more of the stones flooded the world market, the wealthy turned to colored gems like rubies and emeralds. By 1919, diamonds had lost 50% of their value.


In 1947, the De Beers company hired advertising agency N.W. Ayer, who coined the slogan, “A Diamond Is Forever.” The historic association of diamonds and engagement rings was cemented by the wildly successful campaign.

As a result, more than 78% of engagement rings in the contemporary market are diamond rings. Because of the diamond’s new popularity, new techniques of cutting and polishing were designed to enhance the stone’s luster and the variety of shapes into which it could be cut.

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