Fantastic Things You Probably Didn’t Know a Dentist Could Do

Everyone knows that a dentist in Naperville can perform a tooth or gum examination. However, there are many more wonderful things a dentist can do.

Polish Your Teeth

The enamel on your teeth can lose its luster. A polish fixes this, and it makes your teeth smoother and prevents plaque.

Check Your Bite

If you’re going to get braces, you’ll need to see a dentist regularly because your teeth will shift until the appliance come off.

This particular checkup also benefits people who don’t wear braces. If you play physical sports, any physical contact to your mouth could jar some teeth in the wrong direction. A dentist can decide if a blow altered your bite.

Prevent Dry Mouth

A dentist can check your salivary glands. You may have to suck a lemon during this checkup. It helps your mouth produce more saliva.

Every salivary gland checkup ends with a scan. You’ll typically get the results in about one hour.

Inspect Your Tonsils

Your tonsils could get infected. A dentist can determine if they’re healthy. Your family doctor can perform this checkup too.

Check Your Temporomandibular Joint

The temporomandibular joint connects your skull to your jawbone. It should be healthy and flexible. A dentist can examine it during a checkup.

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