FAQs That A Product Liability Lawyer Can Answer

In Hammond, IN, consumers retain the legal right to expect manufacturers to create safe products before offering them to the public. When manufacturers fail to accommodate this right, they are liable for any injuries sustained by consumers. The following are FAQs that a Product Liability Lawyer can answer.

Are There Any Restrictions for These Claims?

Yes, the consumer cannot file a claim if they failed to follow packaging instructions. They also cannot file a claim if they didn’t read the warning labels affixed to the product before using it. The victim cannot file an injury claim if they altered the product themselves.

Does the Victim Need the Product for the Claim?

Yes, the consumer must present the exact product they used as evidence for their claim. This product is required to allow for testing for errors or flaws. It is also tested for any potential hazards that could produce the injuries presented in the victim’s claim. They must provide this product to their attorney to accommodate these testing requirements. However, if the Consumer Rights Protection Agency becomes involved, the agency will conduct tests for other models of the same product for comparison.

Do These Cases Require the Consumer Rights Agency’s Involvement?

It is not an absolute necessity to contact the agency. However, by reporting the product to this agency, a more thorough investigation of the product is possible. If the victim’s injuries are severe, a report to the agency could also assist additional victims in acquiring compensation and initiating a product recall.

What Types of Damages are Obtainable?

Typically, the award starts with the cost of medical treatment, any lost wages, the total cost of the product, and a monetary award for any additional losses. However, if the injuries equate to a permanent disability or death, a more substantial award is possible.

In Hammond, IN, consumers may file a lawsuit against a manufacturer if they sustain injuries while using any product the manufacturer produces. There are certain provisions imposed on these cases and how the consumer used the product. Victims of these injuries contact a product liability lawyer by visiting and scheduling an appointment today.

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