Features of Backyard Renovations in Newport Coast, CA, for a Prayer Garden

A devout family might like the idea of creating a prayer garden in their backyard. They will design this space carefully, considering a variety of features that are conducive to praying, studying and meditating. Landscapers that specialize in hardscaping for backyard renovations in Newport Coast, CA, help make this an ideal place for their customers.

Hardscaping Examples

Numerous websites provide suggestions on designing a prayer garden. As part of these backyard renovations in Newport Coast, CA, brick pathways through gardens and bushes, along with permanent benches, might be desired by the household residents. A prayer circle can be crafted with bricks or natural stone. If the lot is on a slope, stairs could lead to another tier with a bench. From there, a person can sit and gaze over the entire garden.

The family may like to have grassy paths throughout this space as well. The hardscaping professionals know how to blend those areas in with the paved pathways so that the space looks lovely and all features are complementary.

The Intent

The intent is to maintain a space of tranquility. People may venture into the garden when they feel joy or sorrow, or when they are hoping to find answers to troubling questions. Many individuals use this type of garden as a way to develop a habit of spending time in prayer and meditation every day. The beauty and peace there is inspiring for them.

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