Features Of The Foxboro Pressure Transmitter

When it comes to exceptional quality, reliability and durability in pressure transmitters, the Foxboro line of products is often the first thing that comes to mind. This is not surprising as the company has been manufacturing a variety of different products in the process control instrumentation line for over a hundred and thirty years.

The company offers different Foxboro pressure transmitter options, allowing customers to choose the transmitter best suited to the specifics of the application. Throughout all the options, from those with the latest in technology to the more basic models, the focus is always on accuracy, reliability and top performance across a wide range of environments and system requirements.

Simple Designs

One of the standard features in all the Foxboro pressure transmitter models is the focus on creating a simple design. This design allows for easy installation, configuration, and calibration, while also reducing the number of parts. The streamlining of the design and the lower number of parts means fewer components that can fail in the transmitter, which in turn boosts accuracy and performance over time.

Solid Design

In addition to simple designs, the housing of the Foxboro pressure transmitter is built to stand up in any type of application. This includes aluminum housings that are epoxy-coated for additional corrosion resistance and durability.

The sensors used in the pressure transmitters are equivalent to the durability of sensors made with superalloys, but they are engineered and manufactured to be less costly, making the transmitters a better value for customers.

Adding to these benefits is the five-year warranty that comes with all of the pressure transmitters from Foxboro. Combined with their long duty cycle and their ability to work in any industry from oil and gas to water, food and beverage production and even chemical processing, these are the ideal pressure transmitters for any system.

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