Features Offered On The L-M Equipment Verticut 2000 For Sale

Vertically cutting of bundles of lumber is a very demanding application. It is also a very specific application where automation and ability to configure the system to the needs of the lumber company is a critical factor.

When looking at an L-M Veriticut 2000 for sale, there are several factors any lumber yard should consider. This particular model and brand of vertical cut saw has a solid reputation in the industry for dependable, straight cuts, fast processing of lumber packages in high volume applications where a cut off saws is required.

Purchase New

While it may be tempting to buy a used L-M Veriticut 2000 for sale to save on the cost of the purchase, it is a very risky decision. It is impossible to know how the system was maintained if there were any problems with the system, and how much life is remaining in the equipment.

By choosing a new L-M Veriticut 2000 for sale, these issues cease to be a concern. Additionally, by purchasing new, the buyer has the option to add the features and functions that are the right match for their specific needs. This includes an option even ending system as well as an infeed and outfeed to continually move the packages through the saw.

Benefits of Interest

New features or options on the Verticut provide several advantages over older models. The inclusion of a laser light saw line guide makes it much easier for the operator when working in any type of conditions. Another benefit is the electronic measuring for the length of the package, which is provided in an easy to see digital readout for precision positioning.

With extremely precise cutting tolerances, full hydraulic controls and the ability to complete a cut cycle in under a minute, these are the right saws for high production lumber mills.

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