Filing a Medical Malpractice Case with an Injury Attorney in Valdosta, GA

In Georgia, medical malpractice cases outline the failures of doctors to protect adequate health services to their patients. A low standard of care leads to injuries and potentially life-threatening conditions. Federal laws dictate how doctors must treat their patients and explains any acts that are considered criminal. An injury attorney in Valdosta, GA assists patients who were wronged by their doctors.

How Was the Patient Injured?

The patient’s medical records explain the origin of their injuries. Medical charts contain information about what each doctor did over the course of the patient’s treatment. Any repair options performed by a doctor to correct or treat the patient’s injuries are outlined in the records. Medical records present the bulk of medical malpractice cases.

Who Witnessed the Patient’s Injuries?

All medical staff that was present when the patient sustained the injuries are deposed. Any information collected to substantiate the patient’s claim is used in court. Doctors or nurses who can support the patient’s allegations are subpoenaed to court.

When the Hospital Board Gets Involved

The hospital board steps in when a patient has filed a lawsuit. All actions are followed according to protocol for minimizing a potential financial loss for the hospital. Board members, the hospital chief of staff, and their legal team work together to find ways to discredit the patient’s claim. Any strategies available to avoid a lawsuit or to keep the case out of court are followed.

Mediation and Settlement Offers

The hospital board schedules mediation for discussing the case with the patient and their attorney. Mediation allows them to present and discuss the evidence. All patients are advised to refrain from speaking to the hospital board or their doctor directly. Their attorney negotiates settlements when possible and helps the patient collect compensation from their doctor or the hospital.

In Georgia, medical malpractice cases are based on the failures of doctors who didn’t provide appropriate healthcare. A failure to comply with federal laws leads to liabilities for the doctor. A review of the patient’s medical records and all doctors who treated the patient determines who is liable. Patients who were injured by their doctors should contact an injury attorney in Valdosta, GA or visit for more information now.

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