Find Out About the Top Art School in the United States

When you want to get an education in the fine arts or the visual arts, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago is the natural choice. As the top art school in the United States, we offer integrated programs in our world-class institution. Our art school offers courses in the history of art. Students learn about individual artists, methods of art, types of art and techniques.

We also offer hands-on classes. Students in our arts program may try their hands at drawing with pen and ink, charcoal or colored pencils. We offer painting in different media, including watercolor, acrylic and oil paints. Our courses also include sculpting in clay. In our clay classes, we also teach students how to use the potter’s wheel and other tools for changing the shape and texture. In addition to red and gray clay, our students learn to build with stoneware and porcelain.

In our arts programs, we include the math and science behind the arts. The geometry of a quilt or the science of mixing two different glazes on a piece of stoneware helps our students to develop their own unique style of artistry. In our program, students are paired with other, more experienced students and with faculty. Internships are also available, either as docents or researchers at the Art Institute of Chicago or through other local museums, universities and organizations that are related to the advancement of the fine and visual arts.

We believe that the arts make people happy. Our students learn about the history of the arts, the importance of art in the lives of people and how art affects culture. Contact our top art school, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago by phone or online at Like us on our facebook page.

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