Finding Awnings in Suffolk County

Having the right awning for a patio or deck can make all the difference in the world. A retractable awning can provide a whole host of benefits. For one thing, it can provide shade when it is needed and then retract when it is not needed. Awnings provide protection from the sun and the harmful UV rays. The also provide protection from rain and other elements.


To find the right retractable awning, first look for a dealer that has a showroom. For most people, it is a lot easier to see the Suffolk County awnings in person than it is to try and look at the awnings either through a catalog or online. Going to a showroom is nice because customers can actually see the awnings in action. They can also feel the fabric and construction of the awning. A lot of information can be gathered about the overall quality of the Suffolk County awnings from just looking at them and touching them.

Determine Style

Once a style has been decided upon, the next step is to determine the right size retractable awning that is needed. These retractable awnings come in multiple lengths and widths. Some manufacturers can even create custom awnings for their customers. Just take a measurement of the width and depth of the patio or deck. Make sure to leave a little room on either side for the mounting brackets. The width is pretty self explanatory. It is just the width of the wall in which the awning will be mounted. The depth is the distance from the outside wall to the end of the coverage area.


After taking the measurements, the next thing to do is to take note of the type of outside wall. This makes a big difference in the type of mount that is needed. The depth of the awning may be limited by the amount of weight that the arms can hold.

Pick a Material

The final step is to choose the type of material for the awning. There are basically two different industry standards. One is called the laminated fabric awning and the other is called the woven acrylic awning. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks. It really is just a matter of preference as to which material to go with.

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