Finding Jewelers to Create a Custom Engagement Ring

by | Oct 29, 2012 | Shopping

When you are searching for the perfect engagement ring, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. As you move from one jewelry store to the next, the thousands of rings can all start to look the same. So what can you do if you want something different than the typical diamond solitaires that line the cases in most jewelry stores? You could choose to create a custom engagement ring. Many jewelers will allow you to design your own ring and choose the stone, setting, and metal you like best. If you want to give her a ring that she will cherish forever, consider finding jewelers that will allow you to create a custom ring.

As you start to think about how to design the perfect ring, start by checking out the jewelry that your sweetheart already loves. Does she wear more gold or silver? Does she prefer diamonds or colored stones? Notice the kind of jewelry that catches her eye and then you will have a better idea of what kind of ring she will love. If all else fails, take her with you to the jewelers and let her point out the pieces that she loves and hates. This will help you identify the designs that she adores and you won’t have to guess about it.

When you visit jewelers to discuss creating a custom engagement ring, be prepared to describe the look you want in detail. You might want to sketch out the setting you want or point out rings that have a similar style so the jeweler can get a good idea of what you are looking for. Consider adding an engraving on the ring for an extra special touch. You can engrave a short phrase, a date, or any special message on the inside of the ring or around the band to make it more personal.

As you discuss your custom engagement ring with jewelers, make sure you consider the matching wedding band as well. It is usually a good idea to order the wedding band at the same time as you are getting the engagement ring. By purchasing both rings as a set, you can ensure that they match and they fit well together. Whether you are choosing a basic wedding band or a complicated wrap, you want to make sure it complements the setting of the engagement ring. Talk to jewelers about the best choices for matching wedding bands.

There is one final thing to consider as you visit jewelers to get information about custom engagement rings. You need to think about your budget ahead of time. Getting a custom engagement ring will definitely cost more than buying one that is already predesigned and waiting in a jewelry store. Be prepared for the higher cost, but set a budget and stick with it as you design the ring of her dreams.

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