Finding Medical Malpractice Lawyers

The hiring of a medical malpractice lawyer is a decision which should be taken seriously. Many people are reluctant to sue a doctor, even if that doctor’s negligence has caused them serious injury and enduring hardship. A malpractice suit is the only way an injured person can receive the assistance they may need in order to pay for prolonged medical care; once the decision is made to bring a lawsuit, the injured person should consult experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyers Hoffman Estates.

Finding a Medical Malpractice Attorney
Injured parties have a few choices in finding the right lawyer. There are legal directories online which have lists of local malpractice attorneys, and lawyer referrals can also be obtained from local bar associations. Most of them have referral services which earn a percentage of the attorney’s fees when they take a case.

Attorney Consultation
Once an injured party has made a short list of malpractice attorneys, initial consultations will offer them a chance to discuss the details of the case and to find their legal options. Most attorneys offer free initial consultations, which are an excellent way to gauge their knowledge, skill and interest in the case. Consultations are also an opportunity for the injured party to meet the law office’s staff—in most cases, correspondence goes through paralegals who handle various tasks when the attorney is otherwise unavailable.

Discussion of Legal Fees
Medical Malpractice Lawyers Hoffman Estates accept cases on a contingency basis. These cases are very costly to prosecute; the attorney not only has to pay the legal expenses, they have to wait for payment until the case is completed. Attorneys usually charge between 30-45% of the settlement amount after legal expenses are deducted. This may seem excessive, but injured parties should keep in mind that they pay nothing and the attorney absorbs the cost in the event of a lost case.

The field of medical malpractice law is highly specialized, and most lawyers only handle very narrow areas of negligence. Injured parties with specific and technical cases such as surgical errors, birth trauma and disease misdiagnosis should consult an attorney in the appropriate specialty.

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