Finding the Best Metal Fabrications in Beverly Hills CA

Metal fabrication in Beverly Hills CA is the construction of machines and structures using value-added raw materials and procedures. The fabricators first come up with a well engineered drawing that will provide the guidelines during the actual process. There are several raw materials utilized to obtain the best metal fabrications in Beverly Hills CA. These are expanded and formed metal, plate metal, castings, hardware, welding rod, and fittings.

Cutting and Burning of the Metals

The first step is the cutting and burning of the raw materials to specific sizes as per the master engineered drawing. During shearing, special band saws are used to ensure even and smooth cutting. Other tools that are used are chop saws, miter saws and abrasive saws, all of which are used at particular stages. CNC cutting torches are used as the burn tables where the plate steel is loaded onto them before the cutting is done. Water jet cutters, laser cutting tables and plasma tables are also common choices.


This stage involves the formation of the material using a force of higher magnitude. The original shape of the metal is changed to that which can easily be worked on by the professionals. The tools that are utilized in this process are dies, punches and other machinery. The machinery is mostly used in the regulation of the force and strength being applied.


Machining is where all the necessary tools and machines needed to complete the project are worked. Each fabrication job is unique, meaning that the machining capability of the fabrication shop will shift depending on the current project. Examples of the items that are worked on at this stage are mills, metal lathes, magnetic drills and portable metal tools.

The welding process

This is where the job fabrication job lies. The end products from the machining stage are carried forward to the welding stage and are used as the materials for assembling. They are then tack welded into place after which they are checked and cross-checked again to ascertain their accuracy.

The final stage after the welded parts have cooled is sandblasting, priming and painting. Then, the specifications of the customer are effected and the final product that leaves the shop is exactly as the customer ordered it. Visit

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