Finding the Perfect Ladies Golf Apparel

If you’re a woman who enjoys playing golf or who plays golf professionally, you may or may not be familiar with the trials and tribulations of trying to find the perfect ladies golf apparel. As is the case with any sport, your choice of apparel must be made carefully with an eye to several different considerations, and golf is no exception. Continue reading to get some tips on how to undertake your search.

Finding the Right Top

The most important parts of your body in golf are your arms and your upper body. You use your arms when making giant swings, and you use your upper body when driving force into the club to putt the ball. Therefore, finding a ladies golf apparel top that is loose, light, comfortable, and allows maximum range of flexibility and movement is absolutely essential and of the utmost importance.

You can choose from among many different types of styles and makes of tops, from formal polos to casual tee shirts, from stripes and leopard print patterns to solid colors, from button-downs to collared shirts.

Making the Right Bottom Choice

Comfort is just as important when it comes to choosing a bottom for your ladies golf apparel as it is with choosing a top. Though golf may be a sport more heavy on emphasizing the movements of the upper body and arms, it is very important and essential to keep your legs comfortable and able to move freely and without restriction as well, especially when considering all the walking that golf entails, whether you

The type of ladies bottom golf apparel which you should choose is largely dependent on a variety of different factors, including style and make.

  • Pants: best for chilly weather, but pants made from light materials can be good for warm weather as well. Allows maximum flexibility of movement.


  • Skorts: a cross between shorts and a skirt, which allows a balance between comfort and femininity.


  • Shorts: best for warm weather, allows flexibility and style.

Check the Weather

It’s important to consider what types of weather conditions you may likely be facing when out playing in the golf field when assembling your golf apparel wardrobe. Depending on whether the weather is cold or warm or somewhere else in between, you will want to be prepared for both best case and worst case weather scenarios.

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