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Fire Extinguisher Service Providers Can Help You Combat Fires Effectively

Posted By: Leah Austin

It is vital to have fire protection programs in the workplace in order to ensure employee safety. These programs are mandated by OSHA. Fire alarms, fire suppression systems, and intercom systems are some ways in which worker safety can be helped. Businesses can benefit from the capabilities of a professional fire extinguisher service. This type of service can help you make sure all of your fire protection is in order and in compliance with the law.

Fire Safety Instruction is Necessary
Proper preparation and prevention promotes fire safety in buildings. Positioning fire extinguishers in the proper locations is important, but it is also necessary to have employee training to ensure these devices are used properly when needed. Human life is sometimes on the line when it comes to the use of fire extinguishers in emergency situations.

Employees who undergo a fire extinguisher training course can obtain the knowledge they need to effectively use these devices when fire emergency occurs. This type of training along with first aid training can give the employee the skills necessary to protect human life and various types of emergencies.

Class A, B, and C Fires
There are different types of fires in different types of fire extinguishers to address those fires effectively. A fire extinguisher service can provide the maintenance necessary to ensure these extinguishers are operating properly when used to combat a conflagration.

Fires that occur due to the ignition of cloth, plastic, wood, rubber, and paper are referred to as Class a fires. Extinguishers that function with air pressurized water can combat these fires effectively.

Fires that burned from flammable liquids and grease are referred to as Class B fires. They cannot be dealt with effectively through air pressurized water. These fires require the use of extinguishers containing dry chemicals or carbon dioxide.

Class C fires are those that stem from electrical sources, such as electrical equipment. These fires can be fought effectively through the use of the CO2 extinguisher. As well, that which is dispensed from the CO2 extinguisher will not leave the messy residue on the targeted source of the fire, such as equipment.

In order to ensure that you have a proper fire safety system in place, it’s important to utilize the help available from a fire extinguisher service. You can obtain the maintenance you need for your equipment as well as any training programs are courses that provide the necessary education to your employees regarding the use of fire extinguishers.

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